What Is INVICTA Challenge?

True Leadership Stories to Inspire Your Own Greatness!

At INVICTA, we want to tell stories that motivate kids to reach their greatest potential—in a fun and compelling way.

From pioneering explorers to courageous civil rights leaders to innovating scientists, we want to tell the stories of the heroes and leaders who worked to make America great.

And, we want to do so in an innovative way for today’s kids: by turning these inspiring stories into dynamic games.

There’s nothing like INVICTA Challenge on the market today. Our games are called Leadership Decision Challenges. Leadership Decision Challenges combine video games, graphic novels, and collectibles in one package to tell true leadership stories.

Action-packed and historically accurate, each game tells the true story of an American hero. Kids play the role of that hero and partake in an adventurous mission. Immersing themselves in history, kids make the decisions that the real leader faced—determining mission success or failure. Successful decisions are based on close reading of key details and key leadership principles.

Each Leadership Decision Challenge is also paired with a free mobile strategy game to replay the mission in a digital format. Winning the video game is possible if kids have read and understood the Leadership Decision Challenge’s graphic novel and other materials.

Highly visual and hands-on, our games are hard to put down. After all, who can’t resist making the decisions that determine history’s outcome?

Our first Leadership Decision Challenge 1: Flash & Thunder tells the true story of a Choctaw Indian on D-Day. Click here for more information about Flash & Thunder.