Go Beyond The Flash & Thunder Story!



These videos put our first leadership kit in context and tie to the Operations Packet, Map and Mission. Watch them to see real historical footage and explanations of details in the kit.

If you don’t have Flash & Thunder yet you can get it here.

The Operations Packet Videos
Watch the “Ops Videos” videos after you read your Operations Packet. The historical footage explains key points that will help you get ready for your mission.

Ops Packet 1: D-Day Overview

Hear Eisenhower’s D-Day Message

Ops Packet 2: The Airborne Plan

See The Airborne Plan

Ops Packet 3: The Rise Of The Third Reich

Learn About The Nazi Empire

Ops Packet 4: Europe Enslaved

How The Germans Conquered Europe

Ops Packet 5: The Atlantic Wall

Learn About The German Defenses

Ops Packet 6: The German Soldier

Learn About the German Army

Ops Packet 7: German Paratroopers

The Fallschmirjaeger

Ops Packet 8: The Allied Invasion Plan

Watch The Allied Plan For D-Day

Ops Packet 9: The 82nd Airborne’s Objective

Learn About St. Mere-Eglise

The Mission Videos
These videos are best watched after you complete the Mission. The first set provide additional information and historical footage that illuminate the story.

Mission Info: The Invasion of Sicily

Turnbull’s First Mission

Mission Info: Paratroopers At Airfield

The Invasion Eve

Mission Info: The D-Day Invasion

History’s Largest Invasion

Mission Info: The C-47 Airplane

The Paratroopers’ Transport

Mission Info: Pegasus Bridge

The Daring British Mission

Mission Info: The D-Day’s Beach Landings

Utah, Omaha & Sword

Mission Info: Pointe du Hoc Cliff Assault

The American Rangers

Mission Info: The Bloody Landing At Omaha Beach

D-Day’s Hardest Fight

Mission Info: Great Leadership At Utah

TR Jr Saves The Day

The second video set explains key decisions and helps you understand how the real life heroes solved the challenges in the Mission.

Mission Decision 1: Integrity – Page 10

Mission Decision 2:
Nobility – Page 31

Mission Decision 3:
Valor – Page 34

Mission Decision 4:
Curiosity – Page 38

Mission Decision 5:
Tenacity – Page 47

Mission Decision 6:
Fog Of War – Page 55

Mission Decision 7:
Initiative – Page 57

Mission Decision 8:
Curiosity – Page 65

Mission Decision 10:
Closing Video – Page 108

Mission Decision 9:
Valor – Page 79