The Motivation Behind True Hero Stories: INVICTA

We are passionate about True Hero Stories: INVICTA because we believe that American kids need to hear entertaining stories about American leaders and heroes. It’s crucial for our country that future generations know about those who have sacrificed to make our country free.

Think for a moment about our ”culturally dominate narratives” and you will note that much of what we share with our kids is both fictional and fantastic. Star Wars, superheroes and magical-wizardry hold almost complete sway over the entertainment landscape.

A country is only as strong as the stories which it tells itself, however. While there is a place for purely imaginative entertainment, especially thoughtful allegories to real-life, escapism cannot be all that we offer our kids.

(Above) The top-grossing movie of the year, Guardians of The Galaxy 2 – a fun but completely fictional story.

Unfortunately, we cannot leave this effort to schools! The educational system does a mixed job of telling these stories, judging from surveys of American historical knowledge.

A recent poll of Americans found that 43 percent were unable to define the Bill of Rights, 40 percent did not know America fought Japan and Germany in World War II, 73 percent did not know the Cold War was about communism and 67 percent couldn’t identify capitalism as our economic system.

Comparing American’s knowledge of their own legacy to their grasp of pop culture is sobering. 25% of Americans could not explain the first Amendment, but at least 50% of Americans name at least two members of the “Simpsons’” cartoon family.*

The sad fact is that an American boy today is more likely to know all the Pokemon species than he is to know the key battles of the Second World War.

The powerful reality, however, is that historical tales are more interesting and dramatic than the purely imaginative stories that dominate American minds today. Stories about real American heroes and leaders are more compelling than the Skywalker family saga because the stories that we tell are true!

(Above) Some of the many thousands of Pokemon creatures.

This is the conviction behind True Hero Stories: INVICTA. We are focusing on World War II stories to start, simply because that period is more immediate and one with more dramatic overtones, but we will tell stories about American heroes and leaders from other periods over time.

At our core is the idea that American’s legacy should be shared in a style that can compete with the entertainment offered to families and kids today. Our commitment is to telling true and compelling stories about real heroes that will inspire you to your own greatness!

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