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Flash & Thunder
Now Available!

Our first game, Flash & Thunder, tells the true story of a Native American
paratrooper on D-Day. Challenge yourself as Turner Turnbull,
a young lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne, in this action-packed game.
See if you can lead paratroopers on D-Day when reliving this true leadership story.

Flash & Thunder includes an operations packet, 2 detailed maps,
108-page graphic novel and collectible paratrooper figure,
which tie to a free-to-play mobile game.
You make the decisions that determine history!

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INVICTA Challenge Overview

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Flash & Thunder

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Future Stories

From daring explorers to trailblazing civil rights leaders to ingenious scientists, we want to tell the stories of those leaders who worked to make America stronger, better, and continually moving forward.

Our first game, Flash & Thunder, features the story of Turner Turnbull, a Choctaw Indian paratrooper on D-Day.

Future games will showcase a wide range of leaders and heroes, such as abolitionists, astronauts, engineers, and veterans.

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Why INVICTA Challenge?


Combining the things kids love – video games, graphic novels & toys – into one package


Historically accurate true stories


Kids make decisions & see the outcome of their choices


Learn about leadership, heroes & history in an exciting way