Can You Meet This Challenge?

Our First Leadership Kit: Flash & Thunder
Test yourself as Turner Turnbull, a young lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne, in this action-packed kit. See if you can lead paratroopers on D-Day when reliving this true leadership story.
You make the decisions that determine history!


Game Contents:
Includes: 30-page Operations Packet, a super-sized invasion map, and a 108-page graphic novel Mission. Ties to a free-to-play digital game and an online video series.


How to Play Flash & Thunder

Prepare For Operation Overlord – Examine Your Operations Packet

To ready for battle, review the 30 page, top secret Operations Packet. This packet includes key information you will need for your mission, such as details about your objective, equipment you will carry, what to look out for, and how the Germans fight.

The full-color packet contain diagrams, photographs, and maps, and provides a great overview of World War II, as well as background needed for your jump into Normandy.

Prepare For Operation Overlord – Review Your Super-Sized Invasion Map

Next, examine your Normandy battle map, which explains the overall D-Day invasion plan. You can also check your Normandy battle map against the smaller tactical map in your Operatiosn Packet. Finally, when you are oriented, tackle the Mission!

Jump Into Normandy – Achieve The Graphic Novel Mission!

In the 110-page graphic novel Mission, you make the key decisions that determine mission success. Face the challenges that Turner Turnbull, the C-47 pilots and other paratroopers faced on D-Day, and see if you can defend Neuville-Au-Plain. Written in a “reader-chooses-the outcome” format, your choices determine the story’s result. Good decisions are based on information in the Operations Packet and on the INVICTA leadership principles.

This engaging graphic novel will pull even a reluctant reader into the story. The narrative mixes comic book pages, photorealistic art, maps and more into one action-packed experience.

Finally, Experience The Digital Content

After you’ve achieved the Mission objective, download and play the free turn-based strategy game, in which you replay the battle. Use the maps in your graphic novel Mission to place your units, position your weapons, and anticipate the enemy’s attacks. If you’ve read the Mission carefully, then winning the turn-based strategy game should be a snap.


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