Our Five Key Reading Insights

We’ve worked with literacy experts to make sure that INVICTA stories are something that kids will want to read.

Our kits are based on five key educational insights designed to draw kids into a story……

The Flash & Thunder kit is action packed, telling a dynamic, fast paced story that grabs kids’ attention.
Reluctant readers gravitate towards books with pictures, so our kits and graphic novel stories are packed with photorealistic imagery and include other features, like maps and diagrams.
Kids–and especially boys–like to read about how to do things or to gain a practical skill. Learning about becoming a leader is a powerful inducement to get kids reading.
Both boys and girls prefer books that have a mystery or problem to solve. Our kits contain a clear mission to achieve. Kids encounter and make the decisions that historical leaders faced.
Kids are more inclined to read if they see their mom and dad reading. To help parents share in the experience, we include a recommended reading list for books that accompany Flash & Thunder. For example, we recommend First Men In by Ed Ruggero if parents want to learn more about the story behind in our first kit. You can find this list here.